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Name:Dr. David Corey Tynan
Birthdate:Aug 22
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York

Dr. David Tyler, aka Dave or Davo, was born in New York City, and was the oldest of two boys, with a younger brother, Isaac. There had been plans for more children with their parents always hoping to add a girl to their brood, but Dave's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was seven years old and she passed away from it a year later. It was a huge loss, but their father took care of him, effectively playing the roll of both parents, despite his demanding job. He was sure he would never fall in love again, but when Dave was just started high school, he met Svetlana Filipova, a second generation Russian-American costume designer for Broadway. He was wary of falling in love again, still missing his wife, but he hesitantly gave it a chance with his sons' encouragement and love blossomed between them. Svetlana had a daughter, Ivana, and when the couple got married, it was a little like the Brady Bunch in their home. It worked, though, and Dave and Blake stepped right into the role of big brothers with Ivana, a ballet dancer destined for Juilliard.

Coming from a long line of doctors on his father's side, it was inevitable for David to want to walk in their footsteps and after topping his classes in high school and being elected Valedictorian, he was offered a placement at Columbia University Medical School. Testosterone was more than abound during his college days, and along with his large group of friends, David got into his fair share of college trouble, often drawing his childhood best mate, Kevin Lawson into the mix, which, to this day, all friends are sworn to secrecy about more than a handful of events that took place there. During his time at Med School, David met Nathan Mitchell and although they seemed to be in a constant battle for who would top their class, Nate trumped David with ease every time with his natural talent and savvy for all things medical. Ironically, it was David who had always decided he wanted to specialise in Surgery, where Chris took a different route and accepted a residency in Pediatric Medicine upon graduation. David begin his Surgical residency at the same hospital as Nate, however, and eventually moved on to start a fellowship with New York's top Trauma facility and specialised in Trauma Surgery.

The two lads were always extremely close friends and David was there to help Nate through the terrible ordeal with Tyler. However, not long after beginning his fellowship in Trauma Medicine, Dave fell ill with what he thought was a severe flu, but after a month of no relief from it, he went to a doctor that lead to a string of medical tests, poking, and prodding. He soon got the horrible news that he had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage III, a form of wide-spread cancer. At the time, his brother, Blake, who had enlisted with the Army, was on his second deployment to Afghanistan and wasn't granted a leave of absence to come home. It was a rough battle and it nearly claimed Dave's life, but at the with Nathan suffering the ordeal of Tyler's attack and breakdown of his relationship, Dave dumbed down the actual severity of the illness to his friend so he wouldn't worry and asked his family and other close friends to not tell Nate the truth. After many rounds of chemo that he had a bad time with and abdominal surgery to remove a tumorous portion of his bowel, he was finally given the news that he had gone into remission and began to recover.

He has now been in remission for nine months and counting, and has been back in the driver's seat with his fellowship for two months now. He is more than aware how much he has to take care of himself, with the risk of remission higher in the first two years following recovery. He has to have regular check-ups and tests to monitor is post-cancer health, and is super-concious of the slightest hint of illness, but he's gotten back on his feet and more than ready to get his life back on course, has even met a fellow doctor at the hospital, Aimee Gordon, and there is the first hints of romance blossoming between them, with Dave smitten and in awe because he never thought he would be in the position to fall in love again.

Dave is an Original Character for musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork, all his RP/narratives are posted there.

Muse & mun both 18+. For RP and muse purposes only. No infringement intended. Dave is portrayed by actor, Zachary Knighton, who belongs to himself.
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